How to Look After Your C-Section Scar

You’ve just come through a surgery—and given birth; the biggest (physical) hurdles are over, but, you still need to take extra special care of your C-Section scar. Here’s the top expert care tips.

C-section scar

According to Douglas McGeorge, founder of Science of Skin and a leading UK surgeon, one of the most common C-section concerns—whether or not the trademark ‘skin apron’ ever disappears—shouldn’t be a major worry:

“It will shrink down, it may not completely settle for everyone but allow lots of time for the tissues to get back to normal and heal. In regards to hygiene, bathe very carefully using non-perfumed products.”

Another pressing question is how long to expect pain. Douglas explains that while the general end point is six months post-op, if there’s nerve damage, you may have to wait longer. He advises massage to help soothe during the healing process.

On the converse, there’s also the possibility of the scar becoming numb—also due to nerve damage. Says Douglas, “the ‘numb’ sensation will continue to improve over the first year and the quality can improve for another year. Sometimes, however, it may never recover fully, but usually, protective sensation will return. Massage can help any discomfort and pain as the tissues settle back down.” Again, regular massage is suggested to help encourage blood flow, and thus nerve healing.

Finally, the number one question: Can you ever completely get rid of the scar?

“Unfortunately, despite what some may claim, you can never get rid of a scar completely,” explains Douglas. “The very best result for any scar is a flat silver / white thin line that is barely noticeable – but you will still have a scar.” In short, it’s one of the (many) inevitable insignia of motherhood; unless you go down the plastic surgery route, you’ll need make peace with it—and be proud!

Via motherandbaby