How to Make a Minecraft Piñata in Five Easy Steps!

Piñata are the showstoppers of any proper party – they’re gaudy-bright, loaded with the promise of saccharine treats, and kids can pummel ’em into oblivion with unchecked abandon.

Piñata are also a fun and inexpensive project to make, and awesome for building up the anticipation before a big celebration.

How to Make a Minecraft Piñata in Five Easy Steps!

What is more, if you make your own you can make it fit in with virtually any theme or colour scheme – but if you’ve got boys, there’s a strong chance Minecraft will be their solid choice of party concept.

Traditionally, piñata are moulded around the globe shape of a balloon, but as any self-respecting mum of 7-70 year old males will know, Minecraft is constructed purely out of pixels (aka squares). So here’s a tutorial for a ‘creeper’ piñata sans balloon that’ll have you thinking, uh, inside the box. Heh.

What you need to make a Minecraft Piñata:

2 grocery brown paper bags
strip of cardboard
wire (or weed-eater line works great)
newspapers (cut into strips)
flour and water
tissue paper (or crepe paper) and construction paper for decoration

How to easily make a Minecraft pinata:

Step 1: Secure the Handle
On the inside of one of the bags, cut a thin a piece of cardboard to fit inside the base of the bag to add stability. Then string thin plastic wire through holes in the cardboard as well as through the bag. This little contraption should prevent your piñata handles breaking should the contents become too heavy.

How to Make a Minecraft Piñata in Five Easy Steps!

Step 2: Add a second Paper Bag to make a whole piñata.
Once the handles are secure, slide another grocery sack inside the first one to make a cube/cubeish structure.

Step 3: Cover with Paper Mâché
Cover bags generously with papier mâché. For the papier mâché, start with about 1 cup of flour and add enough water until you get a fairly thin mixture – not as thin as water, but not as thick as pancake batter. Then tear newspaper into 2 inch strips, dip them through the mixture and stick them to the bag.

Once bags are covered completely, let dry for about 24 hours and then cover again. After the second coat dry for a further 24 hours and you should be left with a nice, firm exterior.

How to Make a Minecraft Piñata in Five Easy Steps!

Step 4: Decorate!
Add green tissue paper – again using the flour mixture – for the Creeper face. As tissue paper is quite a bit thinner than newspaper, use a sponge brush to brush the flour mixture on the piñata and then apply the tissue paper. Once that’s dry, glue the Creeper face on (made from the black construction paper).

Step 5: Add the Good Stuff!
Cut a flap in the back of the piñata and cram in the sweeties!

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