My Little Masterpiece

How to stop missing that summer holiday!

Are you a holiday bore? Do you keep going on about your holiday months after you get home? Do you send your friends to sleep with slide shows and tales that are only funny or interesting to those who were there?

Or maybe you are the one who is still desperately trying to hang on to their tan and stepping out in shorts and sunglasses in October, while the rest of us are firmly into our Autumn/Winter collections.

It’s great to bring your holiday feeling home with you, but you can have too much of a good thing! Instead, try to enjoy each season individually, and enjoy the opportunity to refresh your wardrobe, hair and make-up as you move from one to the other.

  • Get a haircut: summer is a great time to let your hair go wild, pick up some sun-kissed highlights and work the beachy tousled look. But by autumn, it’s nice to rein that style in with a cut and colour. Tidy up dry ends and warm up your washed-out colour, ready to embrace the season of brown leaves and conkers!
  • Get some great boots: after months of sloping around in sandy flip-flops, strapping yourself into some amazing new boots can give you’re the same ‘back-to-school’ feeling that sends some of us straight to the nearest stationary shop for some lovely new pens and pencils! OK, it’s not for everyone – some people would prefer flip-flops all year round, but for me, a nice new pair of boots is a real treat!
  • Invest in a great mid-season coat: when the mornings and evenings start to feel chilly, it’s time to treat yourself to a nice new coat. If you’re reluctant to let go of summer, go for a bright citrus colour to drag that holiday feeling out a little longer without compromising on being warm and dry!
  • Embrace knitwear: the cardigan is a holiday staple, perfect for covering your arms after a day at the beach and into cooler evenings. If you team it with a crisp shirt or shift dress, your holiday cardigan can see you through to winter without making you look like you got lost on your way to Ibiza.