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Indoor activities to burn off energy!

When the weather is miserable outside, you may find your little ones have too much energy if they’re cooped up inside. Here are some great indoor activities to help keep your kids occupied while burning excess energy at the same time.


indoor activities


Indoor sports day

If you’ve got enough space, then why not bring some fun sports day activities inside? Clear some space and have some hopping races, beanbag throws or hula-hoop challenges.


Obstacle course

Create a safe course around the house using cushions and other soft furnishings. Let your children (and adults too) take it in turns to try and complete the course.


Simon Says

Play Simon Says but with a little more exuberance to burn off some energy. Simon can say things like ‘do ten star jumps’ or ‘jump on the spot for 20 seconds’.


Musical Statues

Who says this has to be reserved for parties? Pop on some music and dance away playing this age-old favourite.


Balloon play

Kids of all ages are fascinated by balloons, so why not use some to play some indoor catching and throwing games? Much safer than a ball for inside!


Mirror Mirror

Stand face to face with your child, about a foot apart, and get them to copy everything you do. See how far you can reach up to the sky or how long you can both balance on one leg.


Lego colour hunt

Hide large Lego pieces or other coloured blocks around the house and send your little ones off to see how many they can find of a certain colour within a set time.