Mayonnaise in Pregnancy: Is It Safe to Eat?

Mayonnaise is one of the most favourite of condiments—and also difficult to avoid when it comes to store-bought sarnies, salads, and pastas. But is it safe to eat when expecting?


Mayonnaise is typically made using raw eggs—but this isn’t considered unsafe if they’re eggs that bear the British Lion stamp of approval (egg producers follow a strict Code of Practice, including vaccinating their hens and stamping best-before dates on the shells).

“Freshly made Bearnaise, Hollandaise and tartare sauces can also contain raw egg, so be careful with these too,” cautions nutritionist Dr Rana Conway. “You’re most likely to come across them in a farm shop or a fancy restaurant, particularly if you are abroad. So it is always worth asking if mayonnaise or other sauces are made with unpasteurised egg.”

You can be sure that well-known brands like Hellmann’s and Heinz, as well as stores’ own brands, will use properly pasteurised eggs in their mayonnaise recipes—but homemade, food market or deli mayos are not regulated in the same way, so choose wisely.

And even restaurants might whip up mayo with less-than-safe eggs…so opt for something without the sauce on the menu…or soothe your disappointment with a double serving of dessert (as if you weren’t going to anyway).

Via madeformums