My Baby’s Nose is Blocked—Help!

A stuffy nose isn’t the biggest deal—but it can be tortuous for a tiny tot struggling to breathe, and a sure recipe for terrible sleep. Here’s how to help clear the situation.

My Baby's Nose is Blocked - Help!

The common cold is just that—common, and almost always innocuous, though uncomfortable. Children will work their way through plenty snotty noses throughout the early years, so it’s best to be well-versed in what works for congestion relief:


For babies under six months, a couple drops of saline solution—readily available from your local pharmacist—can help loosen mucus and clear nasal passages. Pop a few drops into each nostril, then use a bulb syringe to draw out the fluid.


A warm mist vaporiser is a great investment, but you can also just run a hot bath (or shower), close the door, and sit with your tot in the steam to help declog the airways.


Offer your baby feeds often—not only does breastmilk boost immunity and illness recovery, but keeping hydrated helps to thin mucus and prevent blockages. You’ll also need to encourage feeds more frequently if your bubs is struggling to breathe, as she might only be able to take a few sips between breathing through her mouth.


Feed your baby in an upright position to promote mucus drainage. For sleep, place a rolled-up towel underneath the head of the mattress to create an incline, but make sure this doesn’t leave any gaps where your little one can get caught—the mattress should still be flush with the edges of the cot or crib, and always keep an eye on baby throughout their sleep.

Via Motherandbaby