New online sweet store (launched by a nine year old!)

Imagine… a nine-year-old boy launches a website selling sweets – making money and learning business skills. A child entrepreneur if you will.

Well, Henry Patterson is such a boy.

Not before tea is the genius of Henry, who came up with the idea for the logo and decided on the name for the business based on his mother’s response whenever he asks her for sweets – “not before tea”. – ha ha! Don’t you think it’s brilliant?

Henry says that “No one knows the type of sweets that children like better than a child” and that “Sweets must be as fun as toys and do stuff” – so he started his own business. What else is a boy to do?

Henry’s sweets come in jars and include glass pens with which to decorate the jars as well as reward stickers for grown-ups to give children as an incentive to brush their teeth after the sweet fest.

Jar themes include a ‘Fishing Jar’, a jar ‘Not for Girls’, a jar ‘Not for Boys’, a jar of ‘Aliens in Space’,  a jar of ‘Mallow Meadows’ and a jar of ‘mud & Worms’, which come in either small or large sizes.  Super cute!

Henry has had a little help from his mum; his business venture is hosted on, his mum’s retro sweet shop. But Henry plans to go solo before his tenth birthday.

I love that the internet has allowed children the chance to channel their creativity in a constructive way. Henry’s little business venture will teach him valuable entrepreneurial skills, and life skills, that will assuredly stand him in good stead in the future.

My husband always says to me that he wishes that as a child he had learnt to be fearless when it came to trying new things – risk always comes with the potential for failure and more than the fear of the new thing itself, he was afraid of the failure bit. But if you can learn, when you’re small, that it’s not the end of the world if ‘it’ doesn’t work out – that you just pick yourself up and try again –then, as an adult,  taking risks (business or other) comes much easier.

So, Kudos to Henry’s mum! We’re rooting for you Henry!