My Little Masterpiece

Night time with kids

Night time when you have kids can often be an interesting experience. Rather than getting a good 8 hours, often it will end up like this:

7.29pm: Kids go down for the night

Night Time with Kids

7.30pm: Coronation Street

7.31pm: Crying from upstairs

7.59pm: Baby finally goes down just as Coronation Street ends

8.30pm: Second episode of Coronation Street

8.35pm: Fall asleep on sofa

8.45pm: Crying from upstairs

8.47pm: Pick up cuddly toy

9.30pm: Eldest stumbles downstairs wanting glass of water

10pm: Crying

10.01pm: Nappy change

10.15pm: You go to bed

10.30pm: You fall asleep

10.32pm: Fox knocks bin over jolting you awake in ninja ‘must-protect-kids’ mode

10.45pm: Baby crying

10.46pm: Feed

11.45pm: 2nd child enters bedroom having had nightmare

12midnight: 2nd child fidgets uncontrollably in your bed

12.45am: Baby crying

12.50am: Arguing

1.00am: Feed and nappy change

1.00am – 3.00am: No sleep due to wondering what that noise is

3.30am – Half-sleep

4.00am – Baby crying

4.05am – No reason for crying

4.30am – Walk up and down stairs several times with baby

4.45am – Sleep finally!

5.00am – Birds start chirping

5.30am – Eldest awake

5.30am – CBeebies in bed

6.00am – More Peppa Pig than is healthy

7.00am – Alarm