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Pizza margherita intera su pala di legno

Embrace and encourage your child’s individuality

It’s hard as a parent to not compare your children to others in terms of development, skills and academic achievements. However, every child is individual; each evolves at their own pace and everyone has their mark to make on the world. […]


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The first babies teeth. The lower front teeth (the lower central incisors). Teething

Are Teething Gels Safe for My Baby?

Cutting teeth is no party—for babes or parents—so it’s understandable that we’d reach for any remedy reputed to ease the discomfort. Teething gels have long been popular, but according to a new report, they might not be that helpful for ailing gums. […]


Yawning baby taking a nap

3 Baby Sleep Myths You Should Stop Believing Now

Friendly advice abounds when you bring home a baby—sometimes you ask for it, a lot of the time it’s unsolicited; and in both instances, it’s not always good advice, no matter the intention. Baby sleep is an especial favourite of folks who like to bequeath their anecdotal wisdom; here are the three myths you’re likely to hear […]