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Cool ideas for kids’ bedrooms

If you’re thinking of sprucing up your child’s bedroom, there are lots of great ways to make it unique. No matter the size of the room, or whatever budget you may have, here are a few cool ideas to help inspire your house make-over. […]


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Fever Stickers—the Must-Have for Flu Season?

Fevers are beneficial, say doctors—the body’s way of purging viral pestilence. But that doesn’t mean you should let a fever run riot without checking its progress. Inevitably, this can mean waking your sleeping tot to do so—aargh. But fever stickers offer an alternative to this painful procedure. […]


The Baby Hearing Test—What Happens?

At birth, babies receive a hearing test, and then again at regular intervals during their development. It’s an important test because any impediment to hearing can obviously have a big impact on your child’s experience of the world—and early intervention can make a significant difference. […]


4 Tips to Get Your Toddler to Stay in Bed

Before we get started, let’s clarify the title…henceforth follows some simple advice to get your tot to stay in bed…for at least as long as a Netflix special. Toddlers will get up in the night for all manner of reasons—but not all of them are to drive you crazy. These tried-and-tested tips will certainly help […]