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Kids’ crazes

From Pokémon and LOL Surprise, to The Grossery Gang and Lego Friends, it’s hard to keep up with the latest toy crazes for kids and, quite often, hard to afford it too! […]


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Word play for children

While my daughter practises reading aloud to me after school, her 3-year old brother likes to join in and copy the words she sounds out.  And although he can recognise some letters of the alphabet (primarily those in his name!), he could do with a bit of a helping hand.  But whenever I sit down […]


Tips to bring on labour

When I was first pregnant, I considered my due date an immoveable goal that I would reach at exactly 40 weeks gestation.  After all, it had been calculated by proper, white-coated doctors using mystical cardboard wheels and confirmed by various scans, so I never doubted for a minute that it might not be my baby’s […]


Cute baby halloween costumes

Halloween tends to be a holiday claimed by that great big U.S of A. But judging by the Halloween paraphernalia smuggled into the last few feet of the recently erected Christmas isles in shops, Halloween has managed to stake a spot in England. It is such a fun holiday for children to celebrate – of […]


Baby travel kit – Baby Hoodie

It’s getting to that time of year again when our wardrobe is all about layering.  And whilst it’s simple for us to slip on an extra cardigan, scarf or hat when we go from warm house into chilly autumnal air, for a tiny baby it’s a major hassle.  Pushing helpless little limbs into bulky jackets […]