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Fun learning activities for indoors

Learning is all around us – even as adults, we can still discover new things. With little people, there’s no better way to learn than to make it fun! And on a wet day or even if you just don’t feel like leaving the house, there are loads of games and activities you can do […]


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New mum; old friends

Nothing in the world – no book, midwife or best friend – can prepare you for becoming a mum.  The fierce, instinctive love; the heart-thumping pride; the tears of frustration; the depths of sleep deprivation.  Those powerful primeval emotions that defy description and are universal to all new parents. Initially, it’s hard not to get […]


Highchair reviews

The Little Helper FunPod Highchair is such an enviably neat bit of baby kit that when I first clapped eyes on it, my first feeling was immense disappointment – that it wasn’t around when my kids were toddling tyrants. The original Funpod was designed by an Australian mum to allow her daughter to cook, bake […]


Baby name trends

Once upon a time, parents followed tradition and picked their baby’s name from a finite pool of respected or well-loved family members.  Now, we want our child to be unique.  For them to be the only one who responds when the teacher calls the register. In the quest for originality, some parents even like to […]


Naming your baby

Naming your baby has to be one of the most significant things you’ll ever do for them.  For the next 18 years (when your child could theoretically change their name by Deed Poll), it will be called out, shouted and whispered to them.  Nicknames will stem from it; the first clumsy letters they ever scribble […]