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Yoga for kids

Children can sometimes live in a world where everything is busy and fast-paced: school, sports, after-school clubs, and a wide array of other things that happen at a bustling rate. Yoga is a great way for children to relax while engaging in physical activity at the same time.     There are lots of benefits […]


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Pregnant belly art

There aren’t many moments in a woman’s life when she can celebrate a rotund belly.  Most of the time, we’re self-consciously sucking our tummies in and comparing our natural curves to flat-stomached, teenage supermodels. […]


Doidy cup

Looks weird, I know.  But the Doidy Cup (£3.70 from is a fantastic invention for teaching babies how to drink from a cup – something health professionals are actively promoting now, to get children away from long-term use of bottles and spouted cups. […]


Kids party games and activities

There comes a point in the middle of every children’s party when all the nibbles been hoovered up, hyped-up kids are bouncing off the walls and you’re left wondering whether you can eke out Pass-the-Parcel for the next 45 minutes, before sending your little guests on their way. […]


Pre parenting

Annie Paul’s new book, ‘Origins: How the First Nine Months Before Birth Shape the Rest of Our Lives”, has received a great deal of press recently – including featuring on the front cover of TIME magazine.  Her assertion that pre-natal care has far-reaching consequences is something I’ve long felt passionately about. […]