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How to get your child to understand money

Children can learn money habits very early. In fact, according to a study by the University of Cambridge by the age of seven, several basic concepts have developed, such as counting, giving, receiving and the difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’. […]


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Introducing babies to solids early

I couldn’t wait to start feeding my baby girl solid food. Probably because I knew that it would add a new dimension to our day to day life as mum and baby, and the anticipation attached to observing my daughter experience food for the first time was just overwhelming. My happy bubble of excitement was […]


A memory book for alternative families

In today’s world, the definition of family is no longer as generic as it used to be: single parent families, grandparents raising grandchildren and multi-ethnic families are common variations of the traditional stepford mom-dad-boy-girl set up. As families change in dynamic, the way in which family memories are recorded will naturally adapt to these changes. […]


Best baby slings

When holidaying in Barcelona (I was 7 weeks pregnant) hubby and I saw a dad carrying his little baby in what looked like a giant scarf: it was patterned in brightly coloured stripes and the dad had it wrapped around his body. The little baby looked so snug and secure. Low and behold, following some […]


10 things you need for your baby travel bag

When travelling, minimalism is the key. The less baby paraphernalia you have the easier your life will be. After travelling with my now 8-month-old little girl in Italy, Holland and around the UK, it has taken me a few tries to get my baby travel essentials kit right. In my ‘kit’ will be the items […]