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Yoga for kids

Children can sometimes live in a world where everything is busy and fast-paced: school, sports, after-school clubs, and a wide array of other things that happen at a bustling rate. Yoga is a great way for children to relax while engaging in physical activity at the same time.     There are lots of benefits […]


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Baby sleeping tips

It interests me that something that as natural and lovely as sleep is so challenging for a little baby. I remember reading somewhere that babies have to learn how to sleep, and we have to show them how. Every parent will develop a ‘sleep routine’ that is best suited to their baby. My experience, as […]


Bathtub crayons

One of the coolest purchases I have made of late is a set of bath crayons for my daughter to use in her bath.  It must be noted that the suggested age for bath crayons is 3 years and up but as one who is never to be bossed around by logic, I have started […]


Always strap your baby into the pram

I always strap my baby into her pram. Okay – that was a lie. More accurate is; I usually strap my baby into her pram. My 11-month old is a wiggly little Madame who leans every which way whilst sitting in her pram as she explores the exciting environment around her. She needs to be […]