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Yoga for kids

Children can sometimes live in a world where everything is busy and fast-paced: school, sports, after-school clubs, and a wide array of other things that happen at a bustling rate. Yoga is a great way for children to relax while engaging in physical activity at the same time.     There are lots of benefits […]


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Ten baby bath accessories

The prospect of bathing my precious little baby girl for the first time was brilliantly exciting but simultaneously scary. Undressing Amelia for her first bath was like unwrapping a Christmas present – a beautiful little bundle of joy. My baby girl has since grown to love being in the water. When she was little she […]


Tips for storing the kids artwork

It’s not just pictures we’re treated to either.  I’ve been given animal masks, Chinese lanterns, flowerpots (paper and real), loo-roll boats, cotton-reel trains, cotton-wool snowmen, collages, marble paintings and, one Christmas, a hand-sewn purse. I am always hugely impressed at the projects the teachers tackle with the children and, more than once, think they must […]


Ticking off from my son’s teacher!

I got severely reprimanded at school today.  And though I was probably several years older than the teacher telling me off, I felt about 3 years old again.  No, it wasn’t my own misdemeanors as an inadequate mother (at least that wasn’t expressly said) that were causing consternation but my little boy, who apparently had […]