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How to have a fun and spooky Halloween without trick-or-treating

Originating from America, the celebrations and traditions of Halloween are now a big thing in the UK. For many children, the biggest excitement is ‘trick-or-treating’. But there are lots of ways for families to enjoy Halloween without knocking on doors in the hope of sweets, especially this year when we must be more cautious. However, […]


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Best nappy bags

You may find this hard to believe but my other half actually chose our nappy bag.  Despite the fact that, as full-time Mum, I was to be the primary day-to-day user, I encouraged his participation in the selection of this important bit of baby kit – believing that if we had a bag that he […]


Mums love their baby’s bum

A big bar of Dairy Milk, a pair of Jimmy Choos or a beautiful Tiffany bracelet… according to UK mums, none of these can compete with the sight of their baby’s cute little bottom. Our own research, shows the days when a new pair of heels would get the endorphins flowing are over: these recession […]


What to do with used baby clothes

Babies are expensive creatures.  They might not care whether their blanket is cashmere or cotton but they still require an awful lot of kit for such tiny beings.  Babygrows, hats, socks, nappies, sleepsuits, play mat, cot, pram, car seat, papoose, toys.  It all adds up. So what do you do with all that STUFF when […]


iPhone apps for mums

The age of technology has come to the ancient arena of baby-making, gender prediction and pregnancy.  Now you can work out when to conceive, how your baby is developing and even how often to feed your newborn, all from iPhone apps for mums. […]