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Beginners Guide to Sensory Play for Babies

Sensory play for babies has so many benefits. It can help support their fine and gross motor skills, help build pathways in the brain, develop language, and help them to understand the world around them. Another great thing about sensory play is that you don’t need to spend a fortune for your baby to get […]


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Tips for travelling with babies and toddlers

I’m not talking here about the day-to-day outings when your baby/toddler/pre-schooler nods off the minute the car engine hums into life.  Timed well (not too close to bedtime if you value your evenings) such travel-induced cat-naps provide a grateful interlude for everyone. ‘Travelling’, with a capital T, is an altogether different story.  Nobody looks forward […]


Coping with children and house work

When you just have one child to care for, life as a full-time mum is manageable, if busy.  Before my son came along, daily life revolved entirely around my firstborn.  I’d take my daughter swimming or to a baby music session, then, while she had her post-lunch sleep, I’d get on with a few jobs […]


Swimming with your baby

One of my absolute favourite mum-baby activities is taking my 8-month old daughter swimming at our local leisure centre. My hubby takes her swimming every Saturday morning (giving me some welcome free time woohoo!) and I take Amelia swimming one other time during the week. It really is great fun. Our baby girl has always […]


Mumsnet’s “Let girls be girls” campaign

Mumsnet launched its “Let girls be girls” campaign earlier this year and the initiative is rolling on and gaining ground with retailers continuing to sign on in agreement and some yet to sign up. The campaign voices a protest against “the premature sexualisation of children” and encourages retailers “to commit not to sell products which […]