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How to Look After Baby’s Skin in Cold Weather

Most of us have to change our skin care routines as the weather changes and gets colder. Your baby is no different. The cold weather, wind, rain and snow can affect your baby’s skin just as much as it affects yours. In fact, it can dry your little one’s skin out even more. There are […]


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Helping your baby recognise family

Babies love faces. Michael Frank, an expert in brain and cognitive science research and currently Assistant Professor at Stanford, says that babies “like to look at anything that resembles a face, even something as abstract as an electric outlet” . I bought my baby girl a gorgeous maracas from Octopus – the one I chose, […]


Newborn clothing essentials

As a first time mum and someone who hasn’t spent much time with babies, I was pretty clueless when it came to choosing clothes for my soon-to-be-born baby. The masses of clothing that would bombard my vision as I entered a baby store did nothing to appease my bewilderment. I guess that dressing a baby […]


Funny children’s books

The best children’s books are those that have a sense of humour; great illustrations and playful language also go a long way. I spend many a happy moment perusing the children’s section in bookstores for new additions to my baby girl’s growing library. I make a mental note of the books I like and the […]


Introducing babies to solids early

I couldn’t wait to start feeding my baby girl solid food. Probably because I knew that it would add a new dimension to our day to day life as mum and baby, and the anticipation attached to observing my daughter experience food for the first time was just overwhelming. My happy bubble of excitement was […]