Peanut Butter in Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

Allergies can be a big concern when you begin weaning your baby, and not too long ago, the advice was to avoid certain foods in pregnancy to help bring down the risk for your child. But that isn’t the recommendation anymore—even when it comes to the most feared food allergen: peanut butter.

Peanut Butter Pregnancy

At the turn of the millennium, the American Academy of Paediatrics advised mums-to-be to steer clear of peanuts and tree nuts. This was originally intended for those with allergies themselves, or with a family history of food sensitivities, but the advice soon became a general guideline for all expectant mothers.

Eight years later, following a lack of evidence to support the warning—in fact, food allergies had increased since the AAP’s PSA—the recommendation was rescinded. Long story short, you can totally chow down on that PB & J sarnie without fear; recent research actually emphasises the converse of previous popular wisdom: exposing your baby to allergen foods early on can help build a tolerance.

Of course, if you do have an especially strong family case of allergies, err on the side of caution and clear your peanut butter date with the doc, first.

Via Mommyish