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Pregnancy Symptoms No One Tells You About

There are some very well-known pregnancy symptoms that you have probably heard all about. But it can be scary when you start experiencing symptoms that you’ve never heard of before. There are plenty of pregnancy symptoms no one tells you about, so we will.


pregnancy symptoms no one tells you about


Change Of Taste

You might start noticing that things you eat and drink taste metallic during your pregnancy. It’s caused by the hormonal changes that happen in your body during pregnancy. You can try eating salty snacks, sugarless gum, spicy foods, and drinking cold water.


Mood Swings

Mood swings can be quite common in pregnancy, and again, they’re caused by the changing hormones in your body. You might find yourself getting very emotional and teary at things that normally wouldn’t bother you. You might find that your sex drive swings wildly as well.



Pregnancy releases a hormone that helps your body relax to accommodate your baby, and prepare for labour. Unfortunately, this hormone can also relax the valve that keeps your stomach acids in your stomach. The acid can leak into your oesophagus and cause heartburn. You should try eating smaller meals, eating more often, and avoiding things like fizzy drinks, citrus fruit, and very spicy foods. Small glasses of milk can help ease heartburn, but if it becomes unbearable, you can ask your doctor to prescribe an antacid that’s safe during pregnancy.


Cold And Flu

Pregnancy can also lower your immune system, which leaves you more vulnerable to colds, flus, and bugs. You can talk to you doctor or pharmacist about what treatment options are safe during pregnancy.


Implantation Bleeding

Implantation bleeding is also known as a false period. It’s light bleeding that can happen when the egg attaches into the lining of the uterus. It doesn’t last very long – usually one or two days. It usually happens 10 to 14 days after conception, but it can happen any time in the first 8 weeks. If you have bleeding for longer than two days, or it becomes heavy, then you should see your doctor, as it may indicate something other than implantation bleeding.



Your digestion slows down during pregnancy to allow time for your body to carry nutrients to your growing baby. A slower digestive system can lead to bloating, gas and constipation. The prenatal vitamins can also be constipating for your bowel. Constipation can become quite painful, so it’s important to make sure that you drink plenty of water, eat fibre and ask your doctor for a pregnancy safe stool softener or laxative if you need one.



It’s relatively normal to feel a little light headed or dizzy during the first trimester of pregnancy. The hormone changes, bodily changes, and energy needed to carry a baby can cause your blood pressure to drop, which is what causes the light headed feeling.  Generally speaking, this is quite normal, but if you are concerned, or you have other symptoms as well, you should speak to your doctor.


Hot Flushes

Your body temperature changes after ovulation. It rises slightly, and stays elevated until the end of your period. If you are pregnant, your temperature can stay elevated for the pregnancy, which can lead to hot flushes. You should drink plenty of water, wear loose, comfortable clothing with breathable fabrics, and if you need to, use a small travel fan to help you feel comfortable.