Preparing your child for their first day of school

You have nurtured your little one from the minute they entered the world, and watched them grow from a small bundle into a person who is about to embark on a new and exciting adventure. But your child’s first day of school can be an emotionally challenging time. So, how can you prepare you and your child for this milestone?


first day of school


Practising their self-help skills is a great way to give them confidence for school life. Things like dressing, undressing and washing their hands are all things they will need to be able to do at school, so the more they are able to do, the more confident they will be.


Talking to your child as much as you can about their feelings, what they can expect, their teacher and friends they will make can also help to make them feel less daunted about the prospect of starting school, and more excited (if they aren’t already!). If you can remember things from your own school life, then share your memories with your little one so they know you’ve been there too and you understand what’s ahead of them.


When you need to shop for uniform and other school items, take your child with you and involve them in as much of the choices as you can. Depending on the school, you can usually choose a bag, lunchbox, pencil case and other things… so let your child find the ones they like. Even when it comes deciding on labels for clothing, there are so many choices available that you can make this something fun for your child to be involved in too.


Doing a few trials of your new morning routine can also help to get you all prepared for a new chapter. Pretend it’s a school morning a few times before the actual day and go through all the steps you need to, like having breakfast, doing teeth, washing, getting dressed, getting their stuff together and being ready to leave the house in plenty of time for the trip to school. Then when it’s time to do it for real, it won’t be such a shock to the system!