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Rainy Day Toddler Activity: Paper Plate Ring Toss

Who can resist a go at ring-toss? (Especially if the weather is grim and fun eludes). Check out this simple DIY version of the traditional game for you and your children to enjoy.

Rainy Day Toddler Activity: Paper Plate Ring Toss

Ring-toss is a great way to build your little one’s hand-eye coordination, spatial perception, and gross motor skills. If your kiddos are a bit older, glue a few plates together to thicken the rings so you can throw from a further distance.

You’ll Need:

  • paper plates
  • paint
  • scissors
  • long cardboard tube (from cling wrap, paper towel etc…)
  • sticky tape


Cut out a circle from the middle of a few paper plates to construct the rings. Have your toddler paint each ring a different colour and set aside to dry.

For the ring stand, cut slits in the bottom of your chosen cardboard tube, make the ends flat, and use sticky tape to attach securely to the underside of a paper plate.


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Via alittlelearningfortwo.