Safe sleeping tips for babies

With so many dos and don’ts, sometimes it can be difficult to know what the best ways are to keep your little one safe while they’re sleeping. Here are some straightforward tips on the best practises for your baby’s sleep routine.


safe sleeping


Shared sleeping room

As tempting as those beautiful pinterest baby nurseries are, it’s safer to save them for a little further down the line. Your baby should sleep in their own cot or crib in your bedroom, or in the same room as you for naps during the day, for the first six months.


Correct sleeping position

Placing your baby flat on their back on a flat and firm mattress in their cot or crib will start your baby off in the best sleeping position and help to avoid them rolling over in the night. If you do see that your little one has rolled over, gently place them on their back again.


When you put your baby in their cot, make sure to position them with their feet at the bottom of the cot rather than in the middle or top so they can’t wriggle down as they sleep.


Don’t have any bumpers, loose bedding or other items, such as toys and comforters, in the cot with them. These are all very cute, but they’re not practical and can pose a risk if left in your baby’s bed.


Keep an eye on your baby’s temperature

It’s important to make sure your baby doesn’t overheat while they sleep. To help with this, don’t put a hat on, put them in a sleeping bag that’s the appropriate tog for the temperature, and dress them in night clothes appropriate for the weather conditions. Alternately, use thinner layers of blankets which can easily be added to or removed depending on temperature changes.


Keep your baby’s room cool – you can check your baby’s temperature by feeling their stomach. Don’t check by feeling hands or feet as they can often feel much colder, leading you to think their room should be warmer than it needs to be.


Non-smoking sleeping spaces

If you’re a smoker, or have smoking family members, make sure to keep the areas that your baby sleeps in as non-smoking environments. Ideally, it’s best for your baby’s health if you keep your whole home smoke-free.


Make sure to move them to their cot

If your baby falls asleep in their car seat when you’re not travelling or in any sort of swing/bounce seat, make sure to take them out and put them to bed properly as it’s much safer for them to sleep flat on their back, without the risk of their head falling forwards.