Simple ideas for relaxation

Parents often feel stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted. It’s important to take time for relaxation. Here are some ideas to help you chill out!




Get out of the house and have some fresh air. Pop your headphones in and go for a walk. Take yourself somewhere else for a little while.


Rest when your children do. You don’t need to sleep, just relax in a bath or read a book.


Leave social media alone for a while. It doesn’t matter what someone you used to go to school with is having for dinner tonight!


Ignore the mess your house might be in – the mess will still be there tomorrow, so worry about it then.


Have a little pamper. Do a facial, paint your nails or take a nice hot bath or shower.


Listen to some music that isn’t nursery rhymes! Opt for relaxing tunes or something that gets you energised and dancing.


Tend to the garden. Prune bushes, water the flowers or just sit outside if the weather is nice.


Ask a friend of family member to look after your child for an hour and go to a coffee shop, take a magazine with you and chill for a little while.


Buy yourself a jigsaw puzzle and take moments wherever you can to sit and put some pieces together.


Treat yourself to some herbal teas or fancy coffee and sit for five minutes to enjoy them.