Six hacks to make more time in your day

One thing parents often wish for is more time in their day. With so much to juggle, it can be exhausting just thinking about all the things to do – let alone doing them. Here are six ways you can make more time in your busy day.


make more time


Be organised

Planning ahead can relieve stress. Knowing what you want to accomplish the following day, what tasks are urgent and even what you’re going to have for dinner, can make you feel in control. If you have lots of things you (think you) need to do, prioritise them to make it more realistic. Use a daily planner, diary, calendar or any other way that works for you.

Say “no”

Whether it’s an invitation from a friend or continued requests from your children, never be afraid to say no. While you may want to agree to every idea your child has – from baking cakes to getting the craft kit out – you can easily become overwhelmed if you try to do it all. Saying no to some things can free up time for others.

Cull your calendar

Look at your calendar and the commitments you’ve made – both for you and your children. Think about which ones really matter and are important. Decide which absolutely need doing, the ones that you’ll enjoy and remove or re-schedule the things that aren’t so important.

Do two things at once

See if you can condense or consolidate things you have to do. For example, if you need to go to the supermarket and the pharmacy this week, then do them both on the same day while you’re out and about. You can also adopt this approach at home when it comes to ‘you time’. While dinner’s cooking why not listen to a podcast, call a friend or do something else you enjoy?

Take advantage of your productive time

Are you a morning or evening person? Is there a certain time of day that you feel at your best and most energised? If so, use this to your advantage. Whatever time of day you feel you’re at your most productive then focus on things you need to do that take up a lot of energy.

Get help

If you need to ask for help, then do it. You don’t have to try and be super-human all of the time. Think about things you could let someone else do to help free up more time in your day. Perhaps someone could do your grocery shopping for you or you could do it online to save time. Think about maybe hiring a cleaner – it may seem like a big expense, but you might only need to give up a take-away or two each month to make this happen.