Snoo: The Cot that Promises to Send Your Tot to Sleep in Minutes

Maximising the zzz’s is every sleep-deprived parent’s goal – albeit a rarely realised one. Check out this ingenious cot that promises to achieve just that, rocking your tot to lalaland within literal minutes…

Snoo cot

Developed by famed baby sleep whisperer and paediatrician, Dr Harvey Karp, along with MIT industrial design experts, the “smartest, and safest baby bed” in the world, The Snoo, claims to get babies to sleep far more effectively than an exhausted pair of newbie (or even well-seasoned) parents can.

It works by replicating the environs of a mother’s womb, rocking babies into slumber-submission using their favourite lullaby – the noise and motion of blood whooshing through arteries. Every time your baby wriggles or utters a cry, the sensor is triggered and babs is lulled back to sleep post-haste – or so the creators claim.

The Snoo also comes with a swaddle suit which you zip your lil’ grub into, and attach to the crib, so bubba can’t move around or roll over in the night, thus ensuring their safety and keeping them snug as a bug in a high-tech rug..

Dr Karp says the goal behind the invention is to give “that extra support to parents”, although that extra help comes at a hefty $1,150 price tag – around £950.

Not everyone is a fan, however. Childcare expert Jen Hamilton says the device is “not empowering or educating parents” and “not helping with the crucial bonding process during the first few weeks and months of being a parent”, while commenters on Tech Insider’s Facebook page giving mixed reactions varying from excitement at the prospect of an actual night’s rest to criticisms at the product’s seemingly clinical approach to parenting during the fragile newborn phase.

What say you – would you use The Snoo?