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how to help your kids learn to love dogs

How to Help Your Child Learn to Love Dogs

If your little one has a fear of dogs, they’re destined to have strained interactions aplenty—dogs are a plentiful part of life. What’s more, canines can read emotions pretty well, and if a kid shows they’re scared, the dog can become agitated, leading to a potentially dangerous situation. Here’s how to help your children learn […]


Humans Aren’t the Only Amazing Dads!

While it’s an accepted fact nowadays that human males look after their young, it is not so simple in the rest of the animal kingdom! Many male animals abandon their young, and some (such as male grizzly bears) will even eat their own children if they get hungry! Luckily we humans usually avoid bad parenting […]


Crochet Your Own Soft Toys!

If you’re in a bit of a flap about what to crochet next, or a complete beginner wanting something to get you hooked, then Edward’s Menagerie: Birds is the book for you. The follow up to Edward’s Menagerie, the bestselling crochet title of 2014, these 40 crochet patterns for soft toy birds make a great […]