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Keeping kids safe online

The internet is an amazing place for everyone – a whole world of discovery, learning and opportunities are at our fingertips. But it can also create a lot of worry for parents about how to keep children safe when they’re online.     Unfortunately, there’s a dark side to the internet, and without controls in […]


Helping your child deal with anger

Anger is an emotion we all feel, no matter what age we are. And we all find our own ways to deal with it. However, children often struggle as they may not fully understand this emotion and how/why it makes them feel like it does.     When a child gets angry it can be […]


how to help your kids learn to love dogs

How to Help Your Child Learn to Love Dogs

If your little one has a fear of dogs, they’re destined to have strained interactions aplenty—dogs are a plentiful part of life. What’s more, canines can read emotions pretty well, and if a kid shows they’re scared, the dog can become agitated, leading to a potentially dangerous situation. Here’s how to help your children learn […]