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Teaching your child to dress themselves

For your child, learning to dress themselves can be tricky but also a very rewarding experience as they begin gaining independence. Of course, there’s the added bonus that when your child learns to dress themselves, it’ll be one less thing for you to do!     When children dress themselves, they start to become aware […]


5 Natural Products to Clean Baby Clothes

I wish that when I had started stocking my little one’s nursery drawers sky-high with pristine white clothing items that someone would’ve warned me I’d be spending my days scrubbing at stains of varying description and dubious origin. If you’re stuck in the same quandary of how to treat stains on your tot’s garments – […]


The 8 Newborn Clothing Items You’ll Really Need

We know, we know; teensy weensy outfits and itty bitty booties are almost impossible to resist – but if you’re keen to save space (and your bank balance) there’s really only a few wardrobe staples your newborn will need. Check out the list below of essential baby clothing items you should be stocking in the nursery drawers… […]


Parents favour gender neutral clothing when it comes to dressing kids

Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie –two high-profile celebrity mums who are proponents of the burgeoning gender-neutrality fashion trend; loads of UK parents have drawn inspiration from the black, white or grey hues that form the staples of the celebrity children belonging to these two ladies. And according to new research, unisex clothing is here to stay. […]