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Expecting Dads Hilarious Maternity Shoots

A maternity photo shoot is the perfect way to capture a fleeting, magical moment in time. The theme usually tends towards the ethereal, the serene, or something that speaks of a deep connection to the natural. Alternatively, you could go for the hilarious—like these expecting parents did. […]


These People Hold a Baby for the First Time, and it’s Both Hilarious and Beautiful

Do you remember the first time you held a baby–and not just your own? Or perhaps your own was the first you’d ever held? These five individuals have never had the pleasure (or panic) of cradling a tiny human, and their reactions–all caught in slow-motion, frame-by-frame detail–are priceless and precious…So much so you may even drop a […]


Meet ‘the Saddest Bookworm’ in the World – Every Story Brings This Baby to Tears. Literally.

It’s so not cool to exploit our children’s private anguish for the world’s entertainment — but you really can’t blame these parents; their bookworm babe’s tears would make any mum and dad overjoyed…At least for the first few hundred reads of that blimmin’ Margaret Wise Brown book. Not all kids take a fancy to the […]