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How to make sure your child gets a balanced diet

As a parent you probably spend some time wondering and asking yourself if your child is getting a proper, nutritionally balanced diet. With so many sources advising on what you should or shouldn’t feed your little ones, it may be overwhelming and confusing to ensure they’re getting a balanced diet. Here is some information to […]


Healthier Christmas treats

While Christmas is synonymous with lots and lots of eating, this can have an adverse effect on children, and too much sugar can result in too much energy. So, here are some ideas for healthier treats you can give to give your little ones this year, so you can cut down on artificial sugars without […]


Fun, healthy snacks for children

All kids love snacks, and this is the perfect opportunity for parents to make healthy food fun!     Hungry Caterpillar   This is a favourite book for many children and now you can turn it into a fun feast too! This simple snack features apples, kiwi fruit and clementines. Get the recipe here!   […]


The importance of giving your child a varied diet

From weaning, right through to teenage years, it’s important to allow your child the opportunity to enjoy a varied diet. Toddlers, in particular, are growing and developing quickly, eating well will give them the energy and nutrients they need for brainpower and physical activity.     It’s good to start teaching your child and allow […]