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Super Sensory Invitations to Play: the eBook Every Parent Will Need This Winter

The indoor season is nigh upon us. Goodbye summer. Goodbye sunshine. And goodbye long afternoons sans the pressure to continuously entertain small humans. But don’t panic — if you need to ward off the impending cabin fever that winter brings, and don’t want your young ones stuck in that mind-sucking screen-time rut, this eBook, chock-a-block […]


Studies Show that Laughter Helps Little Ones Learn

There’s plenty research pointing to the psychosomatic connection between laughter – even smiling – and good health.  And now a team of French scientists has discovered that humour appears to help the learning process, too. The findings of the experiment, conducted by Rana Esseily and her colleagues, and published in the journal Cognition and Emotion, […]


Oliver Jeffers’ Lost and Found: DVD Review!

Lost and Found is the second book Oliver Jeffers both wrote and illustrated, and it’s one of the best-loved titles in his collectively brilliant oeuvre, by far. The simple story of a boy who finds a penguin at his door, and embarks on a journey of discovery alongside his new companion, leaves plenty space for […]