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The Funniest Letters Written by Kids

It’s no secret that kids have a way with words. Once young ones learn how to put pen to paper, a whole new world of self-expression opens up for them – and their efforts, while always sincere, are often downright hilarious, too. With the typical hallmarks of misspells, brutal honesty and less-than-flattering illustrations, these children’s […]


What my daughter took for show-and-tell

I don’t know about your kids but my daughter (in reception) loves show-and-tell. Last year when she was a tiny tot in nursery (chubby cheeks and all), she would have taken her entire toy box to school had I not killed her dreams by telling her that transportation might be an issue. So, one dolly, […]


Do good mums also nearly lose their children?

The other day I was doing some quick (as quick as one can be with three children aged four and under) and in spite of my persistent head-counting, I looked down, took a detergent off the shelf and my middle child (always the middle child) was gone. Not just-in-the-next-aisle kind of gone. No. Gone. […]