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Online games for children

It’s a fact of life that children are exposed to technology at an early age these days. But it’s not always a bad thing – there are lots of safe sites where children can play stimulating and educational online games.     Boomerang Home to many favourite children’s cartoons, the Boomerang website offers lots of […]


Five of the best online baby support groups

Whether you’ve recently celebrated the birth of your first child, or you’ve welcomed a new member to your growing family, being a parent to a baby can be hard at times. But with modern-day technology you’re never alone. No matter what time of night or day, there are so many resources available to you online. […]


Keeping kids safe online

The internet is an amazing place for everyone – a whole world of discovery, learning and opportunities are at our fingertips. But it can also create a lot of worry for parents about how to keep children safe when they’re online.     Unfortunately, there’s a dark side to the internet, and without controls in […]