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Peanut Butter Pregnancy

Peanut Butter in Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

Allergies can be a big concern when you begin weaning your baby, and not too long ago, the advice was to avoid certain foods in pregnancy to help bring down the risk for your child. But that isn’t the recommendation anymore—even when it comes to the most feared food allergen: peanut butter. […]


Find Your Mummy Soulmate with the New Peanut App

Nobody warns you that despite having just added to your family, having a baby can oftentimes be crushingly lonely. At the very least, you’ll suddenly find yourself longing for even the most cursory of human contact–an extended chat with (the irony!) the door-to-door salesman, even–just to catch a break from the monotony of early mummy-life. Thankfully, one […]