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How to Help Your Preschooler Make Friends

Every child loves to play, but cooperative play can come less naturally. It is a key component in learning to navigate the social world, however, and an important part of establishing a sense of self. Making a friend is of course also special in its own right–here’s how to help your child turn peers into pals. Dr. […]


Bubble Foam Tutorial for Sensory Fun!

When your little one reaches toddlerhood, a whole new world of fun interaction opens up for the both of you. It’s not always one big joyride, however; there will be many times when you need a little sanity-saving distance from your beloved – and you’ll require the means to keep him occupied for those long […]


6 Ways to Encourage Independent Play

Independent play is a beautiful thing. Not only does it spark tots’ innate creativity, inspire them to problem-solve, and help develop a sense of self, it also allows you to get stuff done. Forget concocting Pinterest-perfect activities that take more time to put together than it does for your kiddo to get bored of — encouraging solo playtime is […]