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potty training

What you need to know about potty training

Potty training is one of the big milestones in your little one’s life. But as a parent, it can seem a little overwhelming. You might have so many questions, or apprehensions about starting the potty training process. Here’s a quick guide on what you need to know about potty training.       How to […]


Personalised Potty Training Book

Potty training – argh. There is no word (or sound) more appropriate. Out if all the things that parents have to do – change nappies, clean up vomit, wake up at 2a.m. to pick up a dropped teddy – potty training ranks well up there in the unpleasant-o-metre. But equal to the inconvenience is the […]


Lumipotti: the 2-in-1 nightlight potty!

It can be pretty hard to get excited about a potty; not only because of what its mere presence portends – a daunting, exasperating time that will test the very fibre of your being (and your carpeting) – but also because, generally speaking, potties have but one, singular, boring function. Brand new, award-winning LumiPotti, on […]