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Fun, healthy snacks for children

All kids love snacks, and this is the perfect opportunity for parents to make healthy food fun!     Hungry Caterpillar   This is a favourite book for many children and now you can turn it into a fun feast too! This simple snack features apples, kiwi fruit and clementines. Get the recipe here!   […]


6 Snack Tips for Baby

They may be barely mobile, but babies still burn up an incredible amount of energy throughout the day – so, from six months onwards, snacks can help fill in the inevitable hunger gap between main mealtimes. (Also, as any seasoned mum will tell you, snacks can be the saving grace when it comes to making long trips with tiny tots bearable.) Check […]


Check Out This Kiddylicious Discount!

Kiddylicious is a range of delicious snacks created especially for babies and young children to help them explore new tastes and textures. There are never any unnecessary additives and we pack all our snacks into handy single portion bags. This makes them perfect for when you are out and about, in the car, or for […]