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4 Ways to Help Your Child Deal with Stress

Kids learn plenty from their folks – everything from how to brush teeth, what food denotes comfort in times of crisis and what music is cool (or not), to how to communicate and navigate relationships; in the same weighty tone as the latter, one of the other most important things they’ll learn – and the most difficult to get right – is how to weather the daily stressors of life, and the bigger bumps along the road. As always, parenting demands active involvement to ensure that this lesson get taught right; check out the four ways to help your young one chill out when things get tough.

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4 Amazing Natural Ways to De-Stress During Pregnancy

Hey pregnant mamas; not to stress you out any more than you no doubt already are – what with disturbed sleep, round-the-clock morning sickness, swollen ankles the size of a pachyderm and hormones gone wild – but recent studies show that the stress chemical cortisol can have a direct effect on the development of your baby’s brain.

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Stress of Parenting Affects Likelihood of Having More Kids

The title seems an obvious statement – the more difficult you find your first experience of parenthood, the less excited you’ll be to add more stress by growing the number of charges under your care.

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Many mums and dads do get over the initial shellshock, however; whether via selective memory of their time in the trenches, or because they’ve learned to adapt and embrace the life-change – again and again. Continue reading