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4 Questions to Help Choose the Right Car Seat

They’re definitely not the most exciting – or cute – of baby stuff purchases you’ll make, but car seats are by far one of, if not the, most important. However, the sheer magnitude of models on the market can quickly turn the process of getting one into a stressful ordeal; check out Babyology’s car seat checklist to help you find the safest (and most practical) fit for your child.

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Fly Babee – the Answer to Your Travel Woes with Tot in Tow

While babies can travel on airlines for free until they turn two, this doesn’t mean they get a seat. And even though you can book a wall-mounted ‘bassinet’ for the trip, this rarely ensures your little one will get comfy enough to drift off; even for the most seasoned of air travellers, planes are teeming with distractions – bright lights, in-flight announcements, and high traffic if you’re unlucky enough to be stuck near the loo, aisle, or alongside someone who has an annoyingly tiny bladder.

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Fly-Tot: Keeping Kids Comfy (and Parents Sane) While Travelling 

Flying with little kids is a feat fraught with stress, tears, and leg cramps. Even on short plane hops, the close confines and limited space are a perfect combo for painfully uncomfortable travel; when it’s a long haul flight – a recipe for torture.


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