My Little Masterpiece

Ten-minute Soothing Time Outs for Mums and Dads

Being a parent is wonderful. But it can also be tricky and hard to find time for yourself. You have a huge responsibility in bringing up a child, but you need to remember about yourself too. Whether you’re travelling through this journey alone, or you have a partner to share the ups and downs, you need to take time to stop and re-charge. It really can make a world of difference.

Ten-minute Soothing Time Outs for Mums and Dads

Go for a walk

On your own. Yes, on your own! Ask your partner or a family member to take over for a little while. You don’t even need to have somewhere to go – just have a wander. Pop your headphones in and listen to a bit of music, take yourself away just for a little while. Even just 10 minutes can really make you feel rejuvenated.



Whether you’re an old pro or you’ve never tried it before, meditating is a great way to shut the world out, even for a few minutes. Look online for some pointers, buy a book or download an app – there are lots of ways you can incorporate meditation into your day.


Read a book

Even if it takes you forever and a day to finish it, 10 minutes of reading is the perfect way to stimulate your brain – especially when you’re playing games and reading to your children all day long.


Listen to music

Put your headphones in and listen to some of your favourite music, or play your music for everyone to hear and have a dance around together. While not overly ‘relaxing,’ a little fun and silliness during a crazy day can lift everyone’s mood!


Mini pamper

Have a hot bubble bath, do a face mask, put a deep conditioning treatment on your hair – anything that gives you a lift. Even a small amount of pampering, in amongst the day-to-day less glamorous aspects of parenting, can give you a real boost.


Phone a friend

While (if) the kids are quiet, give a friend a call and have a good old ‘grown-up’ chat. Catch up on the gossip, have a moan, reminisce about old times – just take yourself away from the moment for a while.


However you choose to take time out, just don’t feel guilty! A little time for you is crucial for your wellbeing, and you’ll be fresh and ready to tackle whatever the rest of the day throws at you.