The 3rd Trimester: 5 Incredible Things Your Baby is Doing

The big day is near, but there’s mind-blowing things happening right now for your baby. Check out the miracle of life as it’s unfolding in the final trimester.

A pregnant belly

Getting cuddly

In the last stretch before delivery, your baby is becoming more Botticelli, packing on around half a pound each week. The extra insulation will help to keep him warm, and of course, even more irresistible to squish and kiss.


Your bubs already receives his air supply via the umbilical cord and placenta, but he’s also regularly practicing breathing for when he’s out in the big, wide world. Amazingly, his circulatory system will change at the very moment of delivery, to officially shift into the type of breathing Mummy and Daddy are so adept at.

Opening the peepers

Babies can already perceive sources of light in the second trimester—and at around 28 weeks, they can open their eyes, and even blink.


The flavours from the foods you eat infuse the amniotic fluid—so if you’ve developed a predilection some weird concoctions during pregnancy, your little one might just be growing a liking for them, too. And one other thing—your baby is urinating…in the very same amniotic fluid. (But it’s pretty unlikely he’ll have a penchant for that taste.)

Hearing you

Your bubs started to hear at around 18 weeks, a skill steadily honed to be able to pick out Mummy’s voice from a million less important sounds. Now, your baby can also respond to you, says a study; the findings revealing that when mums “sang the word ‘la’, their babies opened and closed their mouths along with them”—*MELT*.