The Baby Gro Drying Hack—Have You Tried It?

It would be great to pretend life as a mum is more glamorous than feeding, cleaning, and mountains of laundry—but the reality is one continuous stretch of choredom. There are, however, some pretty genius hacks to make things less humdrum; here’s one for that mouldering pile of baby clothes we know that you know that we KNOW you’ve got hiding…

Drying baby clothes

Goodbye forever damp baby gros, hello life-changing hack!

One brilliant baby mama recently posted on Facebook the ingenious way to get your tot’s onesies dryer in half the time. Her post has since gone viral (as all deserved things do), shared by parent blogging site Nubs & Bumps—racking up over 16,000 likes and 54,000 ecstatic comments.

The trick, apparently, is to hang your baby clothing up to dry by buttoning them up over the bar, rather than folding over or using pegs. And another tip—you need only do up one button (unlike the pic).

The countrywide response from joyous mothers has been unanimous, praising the hack as an essential know-how for parents of babes:

“Why did I not know about this when mine were little!!! The amount of washing there is with a baby, you run out of pegs!!”

“Be handy for the washing line outside saving pegs and won’t blow away… I’d never of even thought.”

Did you know about this clever hack?

Via motherandbaby