The best book for a toddler

My baby girl is 8 months old and her favourite book at the moment is Octopus Socktopus by Nick Sharrat. I have been reading this book to her for the last while and her reaction to Octopus Socktopus has become progressively more enthusiastic as the months have passed.

Now, if she merely catches sight of the book her little arms flap up and down and her breathing accelerates in the same way that a steam train picks up speed. Amelia loves turning the pages of the books that we read to her and Octopus Socktopus has durable cardboard pages – perfectly suited to a boisterously excited page-turning 8-month-old.

The book’s illustrations are brilliant in colour and they never cease to elicit screeches of joy from my baby. The pop-ups and pull-outs on selected pages are an absolute favourite. I do have to keep an eye on Amelia’s explorative hands as they have a tendency to pull the pop-ups that require turning or lifting.

This, however, serves as a great teaching exercise: showing my baby girl how to manipulate the elements on the pages (without damaging them) according to their design. Octopus Socktopus is a fun play on words and features the likes of Goldiloctopus, with lovely blue bows, and a Cuckoo Clocktopus that goes “tick-tocktopus”.

This week, Amelia’s favourite eight-legged friend is Scary Shocktopus and last week it was Helicopterpus. Sharrat’s book is truly original and filled with an infectious humour: a fun reading choice for any baby or toddler.