The First Few Weeks: What to Expect

The early days of pregnancy can leave much to the imagination; after all, most of the changes are on a microscopic level. But they’re no less important, and majorly incredible—here’s what’s going on inside during your first few weeks of pregnancy.

The First Few Weeks of Pregnancy What to Expect

At approximately 4 weeks’ gestation, you should see a positive pregnancy test. This means one of your eggs has been successfully fertilised by a sperm, and the resulting embryo has implanted itself into the endometrial lining of the uterus. This will be your baby’s home for the next 8 months.

By eight weeks’ gestation, the embryo has transformed into a foetus (at the size of a raspberry); complete with limb buds, functioning heart, and a few facial features. Right now, the placenta is still under construction, so your baby receives nourishment via the yolk sac.

12 weeks is usually when you’ll attend your first ultrasound. The purpose of this scan is to date your pregnancy, and perform screening tests to determine the health of your baby.

At this inaugural phase of pregnancy, it’s normal to feel fatigued, as your body is working overtime, and is also subject to immense hormonal fluxes. Your breasts may also feel sensitive—as might your moods! Morning sickness, and the need to urinate more often, may also keep you close to the porcelain throne for the first few weeks, but the former usually winds down as you approach your second trimester.

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