My Little Masterpiece

The pressures of social media

We all want to be the perfect parent and we all want to do the very best we can for our children. Well, that’s all we can do – the very best. Sometimes we fail, sometimes we make mistakes, and other times we get it bang on. Is there really such a thing as the ‘perfect parent’? Social media would certainly like to make you think so.



Our parenting world is full of joy, excitement and overwhelming love, intertwined with pressure, frustration, stress and constant questioning of our abilities. So, the last thing we need to see when we’ve had a day of pulling our hair out and nipping to the bathroom every 10 minutes to have a little cry/scream, is Perfect Pamela’s pictures of her day spent crafting with her children, followed by the luxuriously organic, well-balanced and colourful meal she lovingly prepared at 7am this morning and they all devoured without so much as a grumble.

It’s hard not to get caught up in others’ lives when social media is all around us. Yes, ok, we don’t need to be on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and we don’t need to scour Pinterest with longing hopes of having the latest furniture fashions or stylish clothes. But, we do use it. Sometimes we need a little break from the real world. While you may aspire to be Perfect Pamela and feel like a failure as you scrabble about in the bottom of the freezer to see if you can find a couple of loose chicken nuggets to throw in the oven, believe me; Pamela’s done that too!

You see, most people only share good moments. They share the pictures that show their kids having a great time crafting, doing their homework with enthusiasm and splashing around in puddles on a rainy day. What they don’t share are the pictures of their kids an hour into an
afternoon-long Peppa Pig marathon because they’ve run out of ideas and they need the kids to just be quiet. They don’t update their statuses to let us all know they shouted “Get your shoes on” 15 times this morning and were late for school. They don’t let us in on the fact that
they haven’t washed their hair for five days and they’re not sure when they last changed their socks.

Everyone wants to be seen as a ‘perfect parent’. But really, there’s no such thing. We’re all just doing the best we can and bumbling along in the only way we know how. We all have amazing days and we all have days where we feel like we can’t cope – and that includes Perfect Pamela.