The rise of the ‘uber-mum’

We’ve all heard of the term ‘super-mum’ – the mum who (annoyingly) puts everyone else to shame by doing it all – family, children, work, fashion, friendship, healthy eating, exercise, community work, intellect, dinner parties (blah di blah) and just general all-round fabulousness – with a perfect attitude (gag).

We don’t like her. Super-mum is, in fact, a fallacy – an impossibility – as anyone who is a mum will know; when it comes to raising (happy) children and doing it with a semblance of sanity, something’s just got to give. Such is life.

So now, due to the declining popularity of the vastly unrealistic ‘super mum’, there is a new catch-phrase on the horizon– ‘uber-mum’, and she is far cooler!

Consumer Market Research Agency Angelfish describes the ‘uber-mum’ as a modern, forward-looking mother who aims to maintain a healthy and steady balance in her life, spend quality time with the family at home, whilst earning a few pennies and saving money where she can, without succumbing to the social pressure that suggests mums need to have their hands in all of life’s pies.

The word ‘uber’ means “extreme” and implies success. As per the implications and given definition of ‘uber-mum’, perhaps society is beginning to re-evaluate how it evaluates accomplishment and the meaning of motherhood – or at least making it contextually relative!

Here’s hoping.