Things no one tells you about after you’ve given birth

You’ve got a new bundle of joy and life is a whirlwind of excitement… or is it? There are lots of things that can happen after you’ve given birth. Many of which you won’t find out about in any of the books you read in the run-up to welcoming your little one into the world.


after you've given birth


Here’s a low-down on some of the things no one tells you about after you’ve given birth:


  • For a while, no one will even give you a second thought. Sounds harsh, right? Given that you’ve brought this little thing into the world. But, the reality is everyone will be so busy cooing over the baby, you won’t even be on the radar.


  • Sleep is a thing of the past. This even starts at the hospital – between being checked up on every couple of hours to your baby needing feeding, closing your eyes will be a luxury. When you get home, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to indulge in sleep either. You will spend a large part of your post-baby life awake.


  • Walking will seem like something only the finest tuned athletes are able to do. Whether you give birth naturally or via C-section, walking will be painful, difficult and an awful lot of effort. And, to top it off, you might even have the pleasure of vomiting a little bit too. An epidural, C-section or just post-birth hormones can make you nauseous.


  • Pooping and peeing shortly after giving birth will be a little tricky to say the least. You may want to go and not be able to go, or you may go and wish you hadn’t. As a mum that’s just given birth you’ve taken a bit of a battering below the waist.


  • Forget bikini briefs and thongs. For a while after giving birth very large knickers will be your new best friend. And you may also be a bit shaky and wobbly… whether from medication, pushing or just sheer exhaustion.


But don’t worry, all of these problems quickly fade away and it’s all worth it when you hold your little bundle of joy!