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Tips for helping your child learn to share

Sharing can often be a difficult concept for children to grasp. Particularly if they are the only child at home, where everything is theirs. Helping your child learn to share can be a bit of a challenge.



But don’t get disheartened. Like everything, it will come with time. Why not try some of these ideas to help you on your way?


Don’t force it

Forcing anything with your little ones is never a good idea. When it comes to sharing skills, first try and introduce the concept of taking turns. You could use a timer to help to show them when their turn is over. Taking turns can help to reassure children that sharing doesn’t mean they’re giving something away forever.


Put special toys away

Even as adults, we may have certain things we don’t want to share with others, and that’s perfectly ok for children too. If you have a friend coming over for a play date then put away any special toys, teddies or other things that may get broken.


Take opportunities to play with others

As often as you can, from an early age, engage your child in activities with other children. Learning to play and share with others takes time and patience and the more you do it, the easier it will be. Whether through an organised playgroup or simply a visit to the park, any interaction with others their age allows children to practice their sharing skills.


Always praise positive behaviour

It’s all too easy to respond to unwanted behaviour from children, but don’t forget to praise positive behaviour when it happens, so your little one knows sharing is a good thing. Let them know that not only have they made you happy, but they’ve also made another child happy too.


Try not to get disheartened

As with most aspects of parenting, things often don’t happen quickly, don’t worry if your child isn’t sharing when you think they should be. Like other skills, learning to share is part of your little one’s development and each child develops at their own pace.


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