Tips for keeping your cool with your kids this summer

There will be times in the lives of every parent, where you’ll lose your cool around your children. It’s part of human nature to get annoyed, frustrated, upset and angry at times – particularly if you’re tired and dealing with a stroppy child!

keeping your cool

In the heat of the moment, it’s not always easy to be a calm and soothing parent, so here are some tips to help you keep your cool with your kids.

Take a step back

If you feel yourself starting to get frustrated or angry, take a step back to pause and calm yourself down. Then re-assess the situation.

Delay your response

You don’t have to respond to your child straight away. Take a moment to think about the situation with a clear and fresh mind.


Before you react, take a little time to really listen to your child with undivided attention. Ask them to explain the problem or why they feel the way they do.

Don’t react as they are

When children get angry and frustrated and scream out their emotions, it’s hard not to react that way back. But if it doesn’t work for them… it’s not going to work for you.

Find a solution together

Talk to each other and try to find a solution that works for all involved. Let your children think about it and give ideas too. This isn’t always easy and will probably take some practice.

Keep your energy levels up

There are moments throughout a day when everyone’s energy levels drop, and this is when grumpiness can set in and frustration can quickly build. Be aware of this and make sure to eat and drink enough to keep you energised.